On the other hand, organic cosmetics are typically made from certified organic vegetable oils, organic essential oils, and natural dyes and aromatics, among others. Vegetable oils are better ingredients than mineral oils because of their more natural texture and feel as well as their milder emulsifying and gentler moisturizing effects. These ingredients are also formulated for biodegradability, thus, their reduced impact on the environment.

Of course, not all skincare products with labels like "natural skincare" or "organic skincare" actually contain organic ingredients. Buying from reliable manufacturers whose production ingredients, processes, and facilities have been proven truly organic should be patronized. In-depth research into these manufacturers is then a must; use the Internet for this purpose. We make it our mission to offer our customers all natural and organic products because we care about your health and safety. 

It must be noted, too, that organic cosmetics come in two levels, namely, organic and certified organic. Organic products are made from raw materials that meet the organic requirements for their cultivation while certified organic products are measured by the percentage content of their organic ingredients (i.e., 95% organic).

Which of these two levels should be on your shopping list? Both are obviously desirable so your decision will boil down to your budget.

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